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1 June 2023

Rich people are always trying to add a little something special to their water order, like it can’t just be water. “Sparking, please” “No ice” “with some lemon.” ???? Must be nice

30 April 2023

Honored the spirit of Philadelphia just now by free bleeding in Independence Hall

10 February 2023

When I mention my discography I’m referring to my medical history

5 February 2023

Vas Deferens would be a beautiful name for a child

17 December 2022

We’ve been in end-stage capitalism for forever now! Girl, END already!

6 September 2022

Who is the guy timing the standing ovations at film festivals?

10 August 2021

Mandate this, mandate that. What man is gonna date me?

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Join hosts Andrew Gillespie and Roxy Arecco (actors, comedians, fans of Florence Pugh) on their weekly, hour-ish-long podcast, Od-Cast-Pay (that’s Pig Latin for you non-Linguists). It’s a dramatically comedic pod about success and rejection (but mostly rejection) in “the industry” (you know the one).

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