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11 May 2021

I need a surgery to stop me from buying clothes online and thinking they’ll fit


26 April 2021

The term “First Lady” should apply to women who co-host podcasts with gay men


23 April 2021

Feeling fun, flirty, and completely crushed by capitalism today


24 March 2021

Am I addicted to my phone if I bought a lamp with a USB port in it?


16 February 2021

Ah, yes, the gap in my resume was caused by the pandemic? I’m not sure if you’ve heard of it?

10 February 2021

Eat the rich (anyone who goes viral)!

2 February 2021

If you make hot chocolate with water I feel so scared for you

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Join hosts Andrew Gillespie and Roxy Arecco (actors, comedians, fans of Florence Pugh) on their weekly, hour-ish-long podcast, Od-Cast-Pay (that’s Pig Latin for you non-Linguists). It’s a dramatically comedic pod about success and rejection (but mostly rejection) in “the industry” (you know the one).

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