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18 March 2020

No Broadway....someone see if Troy Bolton’s okay

26 March 2020

I love all these free live-streamed industry classes cuz I can learn about contract negotiation while absolutely sique to my stomäch on the toilette

6 April 2020

Today I cleaned half of my bathroom and that was enough. I am enough.

8 April 2020

I’m in what you might call a bad mood

24 April 2020

I guess one pro to not going outside is that the constant threat of looking like a terrible person on What Would You Do? is gone

29 April 2020

When things go back to normal I will finally become a regular at a deli and when I walk in everyone will go “ayyy it’s Roxy” and hi-five me and I’ll order a BEC in a fake New York accent and they’ll tell me it’s on the house



Join hosts Andrew Gillespie and Roxy Arecco (actors, comedians, fans of Florence Pugh) on their weekly, hour-ish-long podcast, Od-Cast-Pay (that’s Pig Latin for you non-Linguists). It’s a dramatically comedic pod about navigating “the industry” (you know the one) post-graduation that begs the question “how long can you rightfully claim that you’re a ‘recent’ graduate?”

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